Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Join the Detox social community network and discuss your thoughts on the leaked snippet

If you have heard the short snippet of 'under pressure' then i advise you to discuss it over at



  1. Small things to say here...just glad that dre has decided to go on the philosophy of 'album oriented rock,' (ie. Led Zeppelin, and the Beatles) and transform the "hiphop single" into a seamless album length song. It's the only way Dr. Dre will meet the expectations of fans who've waited for centuries for this album.

    I couldn't use the link above so i'll post my thoughts on the snippet here...i'm thinking Symphony meets Synthpop + the nostalgic titan sized drum machines. We'll hear the regular strings riffing along with the droning bass, however there will be an accentuation on his new sound...probably more classical pieces, or even jazz

  2. sounds like dre is taking a techno/electronic direction instead of hip hop. but i mean that is only 12 seconds. theres plenty more time in detox to be hip hop. really epic though..sounds great.

  3. yeah Kumaran i expected dre to go into the direction of more live instruments, a bit of jazz.

    Sort of the like the sound that Jay-Z uses, a bit more 'class'.

  4. What time Under Pressure droppin' ??