Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Dre’s “Under Pressure” is Dropping on Friday??

The Detox single featuring Jay-Z is supposed to drop on Friday, that’s of course if Dre doesn’t decide to pull a Dr. Dre. It is indeed an upbeat club record and Ester Dean wrote the hook. No word on if it was produced by Scott Storch yet, though he did recently reveal that he had been reunited with the good doctor.


  1. He's released a snippet of the single : ""

    The snippet is 12 seconds long, however right at the end u can hear the beginning of a synthpop beat which really worries me about the direction he's,however, I still have faith he'll deliver the chuck norris of hiphop albums

  2. if there really comes out a song from that snip, it's going to destroy my speakers :)...