Sunday, 18 April 2010

Discussion - how 'under pressure' should be looked at? - You discuss

How do you think "Under Pressure" should be judged upon when it wil eventually be released?

Should it be judge upon:
  • Solely on the track's quality?
  • Success in numbers (charts/radio/sales)?
  • Both-quality and success in numbers?

As you have seen and voted on the poll of this question - the results so far are even. So i think it should be discussed and you should explain your reasons.

Please give a good length of justification of your responses.


  1. Young Statement !18 April 2010 at 19:14

    The track should be judged by all three of those options. The team in which people are calling "Dre-Hova" has always been a good combo, e.g "The Watcher part.2" and also Jay-Z "Trouble" (Prod.By Dr.Dre) So the quality should be high the track should do fairly well on the charts/radio....

    What should be taken into account is...

    Dre may be slightly off the ball due to not rapping constantly. ( however i have faith in his ability)

    and nowadays music just generally doesnt do as well as it did say 5-10 years ago so

    Good Luck Doc.
    Hopefully you wont be Under any Pressure

  2. ^^Dont forget Dre/Jay-Z/Scott Stoch the same people for the '2001' 1st single Still DRE.

    Normally i would say that any track should be judged only on the quality - the verses, the topic, the content, the beat, the flow and so on.

    However with this i am also going towards the numbers aspect. Thinking positively i want to see this track overtake other tracks in not just Hip Hop but also in Music, period.

    I don't mean just sales - but also radio spins and hitting number one on most countries around the world.

    Many projects have quality in them but never sold in numbers. As a result they weren't nominated in the major music awards like grammys.

  3. I just wanna fuckin listen to it


    No comment ...

  5. I think the record sells count. I mean EVERYBODY say that they have got a HOT track but you know HOT it really is by looking at the figures its sold. I mean when 50 dropped Get Rich everbody knew the material is HOT but what backed it up was the numbers it sold, thats the reason why it got so much air play and so much hype. FREEKY ZEE

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