Saturday, 19 January 2013

Game Says That We'll "Never" See Dre's Detox Album

On his latest album Jesus Piece, Game included the bonus track "Dead People," a song that featured an old Dr. Dre beat the two had worked on back during studio sessions for Game's The R.E.D. Album.

The Compton rapper has been part of the Dr. Dre's Aftermath crew since the beginning. When VIBE tried to squeeze out any new info about Dre's long-awaited Detox album, the former Aftermath artist revealed a lot by not really revealing anything.

"Detox, it's like Jesus," says Game. "Will you ever get to see Jesus? It's like a hip-hop Jesus."
In 2011, Dr. Dre released two cuts off the elusive album -- "Kush" and "I Need a Doctor." Things were looking up for fans, who had been paitently waiting for a follow-up to Dre's 2001, which was released in 1999. But, then, it was crickets all over again.

"Dre's a hard guy to please," adds Game, noting Dr. Dre's attention to detail and perfection. "If he doesn't become 100 percent happy, then we'll probably never end up hearing Detox. I'll say never." Game also notes that the success that came with Dr. Dre's headphone company Beats by Dre, also interferes with new Dr. Dre album.

One shouldn't give up hope for a new Dr. Dre album, but perhaps just leave it to surprise. Watch the full interview of Game talking about working with Dr. Dre, who co-signed his latest album, below.

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  1. why is this blog still opened?

    1. well im not going to close it. Would just leave it as an archive.

    2. Thank you for all the info over the years uzee you have done a great job but that is it for me detox is dead just like hip hop

  2. Im glad the blogs opened i still check it out 2 or 3 times a week. Im hoping for something positive still! Lol

  3. At this point, Dre is better off shelving Detox and look to put something else out. Detox carries way too much baggage, history, hype, and weight with it, and people forget the entire concept of that record was from a very different time at Aftermath that has long passed. Even the material he's supposedly satisfied with keeping is aging against the months and years that are gaining fast on it.

    Put out something entirely new with a more refined, simpler, and wide-open concept than Detox. Start fresh and take advantage of the TDE roster on Aftermath to set those dudes up for the future with Dre's production and backing to launch them. You can bring back the WC on the strength of their talent and freshness and lay out the future. Leave the Detox material that has piled up for an archival release for the future and call it the Detox Sessions or something.

    1. You know what ? I respect your opinion but I think the opposite.

      You're right about the fact that Dre is sick of doing this, and somehow he's carrying an heavy burden, but I think he should just take what he's got and release it no matter what.

      He should simply end this and then continue to make money with those damned crappy headphones that people seems to like so much.

      What do you think ?

    2. Aren't we back where we started? He can't finish it and word is he only has maybe 5-7 tracks that he wants to keep. The truth is he set himself up for failure and Beats being the big money-making success it is, gives him little reason to trash his name by even mentioning Detox anymore. He's not stupid, he knows that's what everyone wants and what they care about, but Dre isn't going to acknowledge its existence in public because all that baggage brings a lot of criticism.

      I'd love to see him bang out the Detox material he's got stashed, but that's not going to happen in a million years. At this point, fuck it, put something else out and call it another name. At the end of the day, we just want that last Dre album, whether it's called Detox or not, it is what it is. Detox was a concept from a long ass time ago when 50, Em, and Game were dominating, and times have changed. Nate isn't even alive anymore. If Dre wants to finish a record, he'd do better to look to the future than live up to past promises and past hype, and that takes a new concept and fresh direction.

  4. Im glad its still opened, although now at this stage im hatin on dr dre for all his false hopes he gave us... but i still have to come here 3 times a week hoping for a miracle, Uzee you have done a great job with this site

  5. I am glad that we are getting some new material from 50; not 100% happy with his music - but never been - at least we are getting some new stuff - not the bubble gum misic we are being fed this days.
    None of the songs are dre produced - or there is no info about it; but the songs:
    First Date:
    Coke and Kush
    Those numbers are banging and the old produced track "Dead People" by The Game is also nice
    The beat has some captivating thingy in it - it made me want to go back listen to:
    The Firt - Phone Tap
    the beat is simple - yet alive - and has a lot in it to offer - and the flow is awesome

    Cant wait for anything Dre has produced - as simple as it sounds - that man really know how to make a beat talk.

    From South Africa
    Peace Out - And NO - we dont have Elephants and Lions walking all over the streets.

  6. I think he was saying if he isn't 100 percent happy about it he'll never release it . It's being read wrong plus nothings for certain unless it comes from Dre's mouth. He's not gonna let Game speak for him. My theory is that he is waiting for technology with the beats line to create something that he can stream the album through so it can't be leaked or stolen. Kendrick says one thing then game another. Don't believe this bs. I think Dre will release new music in the future. I hope Kendrick gets that Grammy . Mad props great album. See Dre it can be done without you

    1. Can't be leaked or stolen? That's just impossible and at that point, Detox could only make Dre money and sell more headphones from its hype alone. Detox isn't finished for the same reasons it hasn't been for years: Dre simply hasn't completed an entire record he feels is flawless. At this point, he's probably barely thinking about Detox if he even is still working on it in the studio. To be honest, I personally doubt he's been taking studio time for it for a while now, but he'll probably step back in to do just that eventually. For all we know, he's using his studio time to work on material for his new Aftermath roster than for himself. With his Beats line, he's set, and perhaps he feels his time and talent is better used to produce for the TDE guys' records than his own.

  7. If game says it aint come out -- it aint come out. Thats it.

  8. i'm a big fan of dr dre, but i've almost given up on detox. we havnt heard ANY REAL news since april 2012 with cochella. dre is too busy with those headphones to care about detox, he shouldve released it back in 2006 or somethin...


  9. I think the time is perfect for Detox.
    Bubble music is not so big this year, the likes of Wayne and Ross, and all the barby artists have ran out of fuel.
    hip Hop is making another turn - and this is backwards - although not back to the 90s.
    Listen to Jesus Piece - not bubble gum
    Listen to Napalm - not bubble gum
    Listen to GKMC - not bubble gum - well constructed - but not an instant classic

    OK - EM is still screaming, not sure what happaned to that guy
    But the likes of 50, Snoop and maybe some unknown new fells can really make detox happen.
    We dont want weed songs, not biches songs, not twerk songs - just some good hip hop music.
    The only real commercial guys that did good music OF SUBSTANCE were pac and biggy and we dont expect Dre to do that - cos he's been rapping about big screen TVs' biches and 40s -
    So Dear Dr Dre - we are not asking for much - just your voice, good beats and we will leave you alone.

  10. I think Detox will be released when Tupac comes back LOL

  11. LoL - 2Pac aint coming back - besides - he would be around the same age as Dre - I dont think he will be interested in rapping anymore.