Friday, 14 December 2012

The Chronic turns 20: Big Boi reflects on Dr Dre’s Masterpiece

by Carl Williott

It’s impossible to describe the particular sound of Outkast (or Big Boi on his two solo albums) without somehow employing the word “funk.” Hip-hop’s use of bouncy beats is a given at this point, but it was Dr. Dre who first married gritty rhymes and such glossy production, with the G-funk of his 1992 classic The Chronic. Dre’s solo debut proved gangsta rap could be fun, that rappers could make party songs without losing street cred — and the genre never looked back.

That influence is certainly heard on Sir Lucious Left Foot’s latest effort Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors. So we asked Big Boi how The Chronic impacted him, ahead of that album’s 20th anniversary tomorrow (December 15). Watch it up top.

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  1. Uzee I've been seeing articles popping up about Detox being released in a clip by just Blaze on 4/20/13. It's posted today but wasnt this clip released a couple years ago. Can u clarify this I'm a little confused.

    1. yes this is an old clip and old rumor from 2011. I have seen it resurface too, dunno lol.

    2. Yea people are retarded. Like Uzee said, that is an old clip from 2011. The only reason why it resurfaced was because some idiot thought Just Blaze said 2013, but really he said "February 15" (Saigon's album released that day). I wish that was legit, but as we all know, it wasn't. Hopefully Dre will release some official news soon. I'd really like to hear some new studio stuff

  2. get real there is no new studio stuff. this blog did its job for detox news i just think detox is old news now. i said if it didn't come out this year it never will dre lied to his fans over and over what a let down the last news we got dre said he was taking a break from the studio what the fuck not a word about the album he made the world wait for i want a break from the studio 2pac and suge knight called dre lazy they was right dre even punched a girl. i hate to say it but fuck dr dre the lazy fuck

  3. Xzibit tweeted this today: "Fuck making money, Lets make history" Dr. Dre #2013