Saturday, 2 June 2012

Model Emily Sears describes her 1st video vixen experience for 'The Recipe' music video

I befriended a stunning girl named Irene who is Dutch and Filipino and Playmate of the year in Holland. She just arrived here two weeks ago, so we bonded over our mutual foreign-ness and as video newbies we learned quickly that on music videos there are long work days with lots of waiting around. Thankfully all the girls were super sweet and one little hottie named Miranda even helped me perfect my L.A. hand sign and double-checked to see if I was throwing my W up the right way. I know I am no L.A. native, but I feel like if there was ever a moment that qualified me as an honorary L.A. girl, throwing up a W in a pool on a Dr. Dre video was pretty much it. are certain things in life that I've always wanted to do. Usually these things have involved being surrounded by a multitude of attractive girls, but after ticking off the Playboy mansion from my to-do list more than once, I have been yearning for something else. Coming from Australia I went to primary school (elementary) long before "I like big butts and I cannot lie" was being pumped out of any Sony walkmans, it was all Kylie Minogue "Locomotion," and as a kid I would be teased on the playground for what has now blossomed into my bootylicious booty. The kids would chant "na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na BUTT GIRL" to the tune of Batman and I would run home crying every afternoon.

Like most awkward childhood features my bum has now come to be one of my best ass-ets. Yes, I just used that pun. I personally don't see the big fuss about it but I have received enough compliments about it to embrace it, even though I still wish I could have that slim tall supermodel frame, I know it will never happen.
My friends back home have always told me that I would have what it takes to shake my booty in a hip-hop music video and I must admit I have been known to practice my booty popping skills in the mirror when I'm home alone (admit it, so do you). So when I received a casting for "The Recipe" video by Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar I had to answer the call...
The casting was held over two days and they saw me on the first day. I actually have no clue where I am going in Los Angeles on any given day because despite being here for almost a year, I am still lost without my navigation for directions, and being a granny driver driving on the wrong side of the road in the wrong side of the car, I rely on Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz blasting in my crappy Honda stereo to put me in a mood that's bad ass enough to attempt changing lanes on the 101. So it was to my surprise when I pulled up to the casting at Interscope records. After a few awkward and not so glamorous casting locations I have been sent on during my time in L.A. thus far (run-down office next to rows of dumpsters, really?) this was definitely one of the cooler locations!

I had no idea what to expect, but as soon as I got there I was beyond intimidated, there was every mix and flavor of exotic beautiful girl you could imagine, and being L.A. naturally the general vibe you get at a casting is competitive and intimidating! I recognized a few faces of seasoned dancers and Playmates that I am a fan of, so I was very nervous. However, feeling awkward and self-conscious I gave it a go. Mustering up my best mirror moves, I sang my current hustling theme song 2 Chainz "Spend It" in my head - not out loud of course because in my Aussie accent I would have reeeeally embarrassed myself - did my best badass sexy faces at the camera and hoped for the best.

The following day, my boy Michael Warren who is signed to Interscope and so talented that it actually annoys me at times, called to invite me to watch J.Lo perform his first major writing placement ("Goin' In") on American Idol. So when I got the call to tell me I was in the yes-pile for the role of a "Dre's girl," I told the casting director that they could tell me in person as I was down the corridor in Studio 1. I'm certain they wondered if I ever even left the building from the day before and probably considered calling security on me, but nonetheless I was so excited to be on my way to fulfilling my hip-hop video dreams!

When I arrived on set at 6 am Monday morning in Malibu, my tiredness was quickly replaced with a sense of panic as I realized that I am in fact a true blue Aussie and am pretty much the antithesis of anything remotely "gangsta." I was also the only blonde girl on set and was stunned by all these exotic goddesses whose complexions were so perfect even before getting their makeup done. I realized my place as the token blonde and had a giggle to myself, and no, not a cloud of green-induced giggle - to my surprise, I didn't smell a whiff of that the whole two days I was shooting?!

Needless to say, meeting Dr. Dre was beyond surreal, even to a white blonde Aussie dorky girl like me he is a music legend and I was surprised by how approachable he was to everyone on the crew.
Kendrick Lamar was also super cool and chatted with everyone - not just the bikini-clad babes, which I though was really friendly and awesome.

As for the details of the shoot, you will have to wait and see when the video comes out. I don't want to be "that girl" and ruin it, but expect nothing less than awesomeness and West Coast everything. If I make the final cut and you see a white bum or a flash of token blonde hair in there that's me, a long way from home!


  1. "Kendrick may have told us to look out for it, but Dr. Dre has already announced that Detox isn’t happening"

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  2. ^way too much assumption with that statement in that article. didnt jimmy and dre go out and say a week later that dre wasnt really going to take a break?