Friday, 22 June 2012

50 Cent Shares Why He Thinks Dre Delayed Detox For So Long

50 Cent also shares some advice he gave to Dr. Dre about the elusive project.
Dr. Dre has kept fans patiently waiting for the follow up to 1999’s The Chronic 2001, and has given false hope by dropping some singles over the past few years. During an interview with WGCI’s The Morning Riot (via FSD), 50 Cent explained why he thinks Detox is still not in stores and how it relates to Dre’s wavering love of music.

“He been working on that project for so long that he falls in love with music, and then he falls out of love with it. He’s got a lot of good stuff playing in the studio and it comes in and out, plus that.”
Fif shared some advice that he gave to Dre about the elusive project. The G-Unit general told him that he doesn’t have to keep changing the LP, because if it’s even remotely similar to The Chronic, then fans will be satisfied.

“You know what I said to him? I said, you don’t have to change anything. Because the period of time you haven’t put out.. Like Sade, it reminds me of the record that I’d like from him. And I’m like, yeah, play that, that’s the new one. And it feels like the last one. So Dre, he doesn’t have to create a formula because he was gone so long that if he gives us something that feels like The Chronic, we’d be absolutely happy.”

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  1. This nigga doesnt know any shit about detox. The only one who knows something is Dre himself.

  2. Been on various blog sites, listened to alot of recent hip-hop, and there really is no comparison to the sound of hiphop now and the 90's/00's hiphop sound that Dre n co fostered, regardless of whether Dre produced it directly or utilised the sounds/efforts of others. While lyrically there are is some quality music being made, from a purely sonic point of view the westcoast Dre style beats put out just sounded better. I miss that bass punch from the speakers, the keys the drums the synths, just the feel of those songs. I think the hold up on detox is probably a multitude of factors. These factors in my opinion are the current domination of that electro -hop sound catering to the young consumers, the critical decline of music sales generally, Dre's indecisiveness about what he wants it to sound like sonically and conceptually, and perhaps reluctance for it to be over. Also, preoccupation with other ventures ie headphones and kendrick, red tape and politics of interscope and jimmy and the diaspora of his team of usual suspects ie co-producers and artists. unless all these factors are resolved detox probably wont materialise, but dayum we need something big like that to reinvigorate hiphop