Thursday, 18 August 2011

Kendrick Lamar - Detox Is Basically Done, Will Drop Soon

Compton's own, K Dot, speaks about his introduction with Dre, another Compton artist, and says "Detox" will drop "soon."

Compton emcee, Kendrick Lamar's rise within Los Angeles Rap has been one to watch in recent times. Running from obscurity to running with the elite veterans of left coast Hip Hop, Kendrick Lamar has been getting co-signs left and right. One of those co-signs came from Dr. Dre. The Good Doc didn't just see the potential in him; he also made him a part of the Detox project, according to several sources. In a recent interview with The Masked Gorilla, Kendrick spoke about his relationship with Dre and said that Detox is basically done.

"Paul Rosenberg, Eminem's manager, reached out to Dr. Dre and said, 'This kid on the net, right now, is killing it. He has a crazy sound, a nice sound. You should mess with him.'

From there, Dre's attention was grabbed. The Compton vet quickly reached out to the Compton up-and-comer and their relationship has grown from that day forward.

"Dre heard me that minute and got in contact with my peoples the next day. It's been on since. We've been trying to finish up this project, Detox. Well, it is basically [done]."

When pressed for more details, Kendrick was quick to say he couldn't divulge too much information on the project.

"I'm not going to give no time, no dates. Everybody looking for dates. I'll say soon." 


  1. this version is done i guess, lets see if dre keeps it. IF he does keep it, it will probably be another couple of months to build hype and such.

  2. I just saw this on hiphopdx. Your very fast on the latest Uzee. Ill give ya that. Nice work

  3. It's nice to hear but I don't believe it. Snoop said Detox is "done" in 2008, and Slim da Mobster said in another interview "That was Dre (after hanging up the phone), Detox is done" toward the end of 2010. Plus I don't have confidence Kendrick can definitively say anything about Detox because it's a fact Dre keeps most of that shit a secret in his head.

    I believe Detox is basically done like he says, meaning the tracks are (probably) mostly "finished" but Dre is doing what ends up taking the most time: picking what he wants and tweaking what he has. This is the shit that ends up taking the longest time, and in that time he's ended up realizing he's not feeling it's up to par or it's not "complete" in that cohesive way. However with D.O.C. in the studio, I'd have to believe we're at least on the right track. If Detox was dropping "soon" (which can mean anything) then there would be a hint of it. We should be getting at least a HINT of news of a single or even some confirmation from others. Dre has been "done" with Detox like four-five times already but that jump from "done" to "ready" is longer than what you would think.

  4. surlly no one can take that long to make an album, it still music not rocket science,beethoven didnt take that long creating his simphonies


    Why didn't you Uzee post the slim the mobster update?

    News: @SlimTheMobster is shooting a video for one of the most anticipated track from his mixtape featuring DR. DRE "Back Against The Wall"

    Slimthemobster anthony johnson
    @jordane45 yes....


  6. Detox Prediction (in my views)
    Dr Dre
    DJ Khalil
    Scott Storch
    Alex Da Kid (Maybe) *wack

    Snoop Dogg
    Kendrick Lamar
    Slim Da Mobsta (Maybe) *wack
    Kurupt/Daz/Warren G (Maybe)
    Nas (Maybe)
    Jay Z (Maybe) *wack
    50 cent (Maybe)

    10-15 songs
    *is a good amount of songs for a classic

  7. need a direct link to the slim the mobster tweet which mentions the music video

  8. ^^ i'd like to add ice cube, busta rhymes, and xzibit..all of them (maybe)

  9. Slim shooting a video for "Back Against the Wall" off his mixtape is really old news.

    Detox is going to have every track with a feature with beats by everyone else but him, I would be more excited for a straight record with Dre speaking real shit. I don't care about features to be honest, but if he has to have them, it would be nice if he just stuck with his old crowd and featured up and coming new guys like Kendrick. A Nas collaboration would be dope but do we need to hear Jay-Z or Swizz Beatz on Detox? Really? Detox should be beyond having to include features by everyone who's hot now since it doesn't need that noise. It would be a lot nicer if Detox stuck to Dre being Dre with his own beats, but god knows it'll be the exact opposite for better or worse. I'm not trying to put it down, just being real, but who gives a shit and gets excited about all these features on an album that will end up being 12-13 tracks?

    I trust Detox will include a lot of Khalil production (which is alright with me) and work from everyone else, but it would be nicer if Dre co-produced everything like he did with Mel-Man for 2001 rather than buying everyone's beats and picking/mixing what he likes. It would be a lot more organic if Dre was co-producing all the shit alongside someone than simply picking the very best out of the ocean of ones he has in the vault, even if all the beats are really hot which they will be.

  10. I'em pretty sure this DRE beat

  11. It vaguely has a WC sound but it's a Dirk Pate production, and it doesn't sound like anything Dre would do, to be honest. It's too messy and the snare is too soft.

    There's absolutely zero Dre production on R.E.D. and it says on the CD jacket that Dre didn't even executive produce it, Pharrell did, and Game/Mars co-produced. Besides the "Drug Test" feature which was a Khalil joint (probable Detox throwaway) and the cheesy narrations, Dre didn't touch this album and Aftermath didn't put it out (it's a DGC release). For all the hype Game goes on about returning with Dre, his new album sure has no evidence of it. I would also have to believe "Dead People" didn't get included because Dre didn't get around to mixing the damn thing in time since Jimmy set 8/23 as the absolutely final release date.

  12. Kendrick Lamar has great skills but there is no way that this guy will save the West. Games new album is a complete failure it had no Dre(production) input whatsoever. This album had so much potential I thought that Game was back with aftermath and that he was back in the studio with Dre recording and what you get is Drug Test I was thinking that maybe the Red album was going to be somewhat of a sequel to the Documentary which was probably the last descent Westcoast release. Games album sounds like your typical 2011 release(Lil Wayne,Rick Ross,Young Jeezy) nothing new. Kendrick Lamar would make a nice featured guest on Detox Hes earned that but by no way can he carry the West it is up to Dre and "His" sound whenever he will decide to do that Hopefully soon From now on Im only going to believe what I hear from Dre himself Damn I need a doctor is coming up on a year old. Where is Die Hard, If you go back to 1993-1995 thats when the west was at its best Doggystyle,Ice Cubes Lethal Injection Warren Gs G Funk Era Doveshack's This Is the Shack You cant compare the guys of today to this stuff. West Coast is still Dead Will Dre deliver Detox This Year Hip Hop Still Needs This

  13. See i figured the problem with delaying an album for THIS long will cause problems. The artist (Dre) will hint that it's basically done. But in the studio he will sit there and nit-pick at the songs; this doesn't sound right, or make this louder. Eventually he will pick apart all the songs, find errors, and delay the album even more. Then eventually he will give up, and Detox will be dead.

    There should be some one there to tell him to hurry up. This is what happens when artists own their own studios. They take their sweet a** time.

  14. yo fuck dr dre this is bullshit. im not buyin this shit cuz he cant finish it when he fuckin says fo rizzle. he so old he probably forgets hes still workin on it. LMC dizzle out

  15. The album is gonna suck!! That's if it ever comes out. Over hyped for nothing watch!!

  16. Numerous people have claimed, or
    been seen in the studio with Dr.
    Dre working on the album,
    including EMINEM,Snoop Dogg,Jay-Z,Game,Ice Cube,Lady
    Ester Dean,Pharrell,Lil Kim,Lloyd,J. Cole,Keri Hilson,Swizz Beatz,Jay Rock
    and Kendrick Lamar