Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dr Dre and others join Game In The Studio

Behind the Scenes of Game R.E.D Album from Taydoe Kidd on Vimeo.

Tomorrow West Coast rapper The Game is expected to put up some big numbers when his R.E.D. Album hits the Soundscan charts. Keeping the momentum of his successful record, Game unleashes footage documenting the album with the majority of the guest features including legendary producer Dr. Dre, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Drake, Snoop Dogg, producers Cool N Dre and even Queen Latifah stops by to show love. Talk about name dropping. Hit the clip for the action. R.E.D. Album in stores now.


  1. 96,460 is not big numbers... Weezy gonna sell 900K, that's big numbers

  2. yeah but numbers dont tell the whole story.

  3. Mate its quality of tracks over sales, sales dont prove anything in Hip Hop most people buying Tha Carter 4 are pop fans and females not Hip Hop Fans. No one is hyped.

  4. ^^I love how u implied the ladies as being the key demographic for shitty, trendy music...sounds sexist, but i'm agreeing with you cause it's completely girl likes song = guys liking song too :P

  5. The one disappointing thing about this album is that dre didn't do shit on it. He produced nothing, pharrell was the executive producer and the one track he was featured on was written by someone else probably. I hate how game advertised the shit out of this album by saying that he reunited with dre.

  6. r u saying that females cannot be hip hop fans?

  7. What a joke......who cares....seriously.....this site was supposed to be about Detox........this label is ova......All Talk No Delivery....

  8. What a joke? How old are you?

    This blog is not just about Detox, but also about any other Dr Dre news. Look at the blog description below the title:

    "Up to the MINUTE news & rumours of Dr Dre
    and his highly anticipated album."

  9. honestly, great material, and I dig the blog. After the Carter 4, VMA's, Wayne fell off. He had a good run, but if he doesn't deliver anything as strong as Carter 2 & Carter 3, I see Wayne moving down the ropes.

    "Mate its quality of tracks over sales, sales dont prove anything in Hip Hop most people buying Tha Carter 4 are pop fans and females not Hip Hop Fans. No one is hyped." -Anonymous

    #smh honestly, bro in today's world that we live in, unfortunately sales do prove something. It proves how many people are really interested in buying material. With "leaks' "exclusives" and "free mixtapes" consumers have become a lot more conservative and really thinking about what they are going to buy, before actually buying it. Now I agree with you on the point that perhaps the quality of music has become detrimental in today's market, :\ but, there is still good music out there, and the only real music is the music that you the "hip hop junkie" is taking the time to look for. But ask yourself this, if you spent $,$$$,$$$ on a budget going with beats from various genre of producers, features from different artists, would you want your project to overall come out free? or would you place your project on itunes and hope you can make that $,$$$,$$$ investment return?
    At the end of the day, "you are a product of your own investment".

    As far his pop, and females not being real fans? Well, let's just say at the end of the day, they are adding a bigger market that hip hop never had, thus proving if the music is ill, people are going to spend the $$ to get that ill record.

    This album carries a lot of weight, and I'm glad it was finally delivered. Perfect timing as well. Bad Meets Evil numbers wise didn't do as well as I thought it would, but the material is superb. Jay-Z and Kanye's "Watch The Throne" proved Jay-Z is still delivering but Kanye, ehhh, not so much. Numbers wise? anyone? bueller? anyone?

    Uzee, keep posting up the info, I can't wait till Detox drops. I think hip hop is finally coming back!!!

    @thatdamntoucan on twitter

  10. A lot more people are shitting on RED than they should, but it's a good prelude to what will happen when Detox does drop. It's inevitable and that's probably okay because there's no such thing as an instant classic - classics become what they are by outlasting their time. If "Drug Test" and "Die Hard" are what we can expect for Detox, then expect an epic shitstorm against Dre because whatever you guys project on it, it's gonna be an album with records like anyone else that puts out an album, even if this one is special. IMO RED started out strong but the latter half weakened out, and the album's delays, Game's proclaiming of it being his last work, and misplaced and mistaken hype he repeated about reuniting with Aftermath and Dre (when Dre really had nothing to do with the record at all) set the entire album up to be shit on by a crowd eager to put down anything they can't use as a ringtone. I also felt if he kept out so many features it would've worked a lot more well but we know Interscope is throwing money at producing these records to sell them and big names on the joints help do that. For what it is without the bullshit clouds hovering over it, RED is a good album IMO, I can't feel anyone who says it's not.

    But you know, the real problem with RED was the choice of tracks that most albums suffer, and that is the label having the ultimate say what gets put on and what doesn't for the sake of sales. RED is flawed but it's a decent hip-hop album with stellar production, and whether or not you feel Game's hustle or skills, he puts his entire self on the table and does what he does without perpetuating a persona or playing a part. He's likeable because he comes off as a real person. I have a feeling when some times passes, RED will get more credit than it's getting now, shit tends to grow on people when they swipe away the bullshit and hype part out of it. We didn't get what we want or even expected as far as Dre's touch on it but maybe I'm just trying to fight what I feel is unfairness leveled at this dude for working hard at putting out an album I felt which is more I can say about almost everything else I hear.

    Carter IV will win in sales but so what? Wayne's streak has long peaked and his album didn't do anything groundbreaking or do anything hotter than what Game put out. Sales mean shit to me and shouldn't matter to us as music fans. Saigon's album didn't sell anything but it was one of the hottest joints I heard all year and I care about the music I enjoy, not whether everyone else is paying money to listen to it. Watch the Throne didn't do much for me either and even that shit surprised me. Kendrick's Section.80 is way underrated and dope as fuck, and if Bishop ever gets around to releasing his album, I have a feeling we'll get something special. No one will buy it or care since he got the usual Aftermath special of getting fucked over until forgotten but he's been doing real hip-hop speaking real shit and left Aftermath do it on an indie label with integrity at the sacrifice of a lot. Good music is out there and good music is coming, it isn't all about Detox, but like the other guy said, you have to take the time to look rather than pay attention to what you're told is hot and what to anticipate.

    Lastly I wanted to also say Uzee is doing a great job keeping this blog active and putting in the effort to update it all the time since nobody else is doing it. To criticize him for lack of Detox news is dumb as fuck for obvious reasons. Sorry for the long ramblings, that's usually my thing.

  11. Die hard would've been one of the hottest tracks of the summer if it was released as a single. I have no understanding as to why. If this was the direction Detox was going then that would've been fine by me.

  12. I don't know why anyone finds Die Hard to be that hot, I was kind of disappointed with it and find Em's hook singing to be annoying. Usual Khalil production is decent but "hottest track of the summer"? Don't know about that. The segment it aired on said it's for Detox but if that record is going to set the caliber for the rest of the album, I'm not terribly excited. Kush had a hotter beat than Die Hard.