Friday, 5 August 2011

'I Need A Doctor' cover by Clement Marfo & The Frontline

Clement Marfo and The Frontline have decided to cover Dr. Dre's comeback track 'I Need A Doctor'.
The group, which consists of seven people including a live band, have put their spin on the track.

In a recent interview with MTV's The Wrap Up, Marfo said: "There are seven of us, so it’s a full-on musical experience of hip-hop-meets-rock and we wanted to present that visually to those who haven’t seen us live before. Eminem and Dr. Dre’s latest single blew us away and we felt that it was only right to give it a CMTF spin, so we did a cover of it in our live session. Hope you all enjoy it!"

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  1. The fact that no true hip hop head (or Dre fan) can stand this song, yet all these indie rock groups are "blown away" by it shows exactly what is wrong with this song and Dre's approach to Detox. If I hear another corny cover of this song without anything new from Detox I'm going to throw up.


  2. wack!!!!!!! sorry uzee but this is garbage, thats why i need a doctor failed miserbably its not really hip hop it leans more to a pop /ballad type song

  3. have u seen the poll for inad on the right? Pretty interesting result so far.

  4. Popular doesn't mean right and certainly doesn't reflect quality. Frankly what's musically popular is usually utter garbage, you should take a listen to American pop radio if you need any proof.

    First comment was dead on, INAD may have its merits, but it doesn't belong anywhere near Detox and for sure doesn't live up to what we expect as Detox material. The fact indie groups and other hipster-like people feel appealed to it is the best proof the record sure wasn't made for Dre fans. It's sappy, dumbed down, cheesy ass radio shit and it isn't even a Dr. Dre song which is the most confusing part of its existence. It should've been thrown on Recovery and it would've fit perfectly for it. Seriously... and man was I let down by two things: 1) Dr. Dre actually contracts Alex da Kid to produce records for him, and 2) That it was for Detox meaning that's the way the album is leaning. $1 million says D.O.C. wouldn't endorse INAD for Detox in a million years.

  5. ^that result is because of people, like myself, trying to be optimistic about detox. We didnt want to reveal the truth to ourselves, which was that dre was leaving us behind to appeal to a generation that craved poppish corny ass music. It was also because we are all dre fans here, and we will like dre's music for what it is no matter what he puts out. INAD is an alright song to the average listener, but it is not the kind of song that should be on a dr. dre HIP HOP album. Any true hip hop head should be at least a little disappointed with INAD. That is hopefully what dre is realizing now by bringing in the DOC. We will see in about 6 months or less... On the other hand, i though kush was awesome.

  6. nows there a discussion, glad i pointed out the poll to trigger this.

    Now that DOC is back with Dre, we shouldnt complain if there are more delays to detox.

  7. As long as future Dre songs have "T. Curry" as a writing credit, I will be happy.

  8. Don't lie to yourselves and spread that shit just because you can't face up to disappointment, what's that all about? I didn't care about INAD when it first leaked but when I slowly realized Dre really was putting his name on it for Detox I felt angry... not for the song but just the fact it sets the tone for the album. The truth is that the song is mediocre at best on its own and for sure doesn't belong on Detox nor is it for the real fans. It's gimmicky radio pop garbage that should've belonged on an Eminem album.

    Snoop had the balls to publicly call Dre out about who he's working with, why can't some of you have the balls to say what you think? He did it because it was true and he knows it. DOC knew it, him and Dre didn't see eye to eye creatively anymore, so he got pissed and split (although I'm sure he was bitter about other shit too). Doesn't mean you have to sound like a hater but if Dre releases sappy bullshit like INAD, don't try to convince everyone it's actually great just because you can't handle the disappointment. You let your opinion known, make sure others do the same, and Dre probably goes "oh shit" and leaves it off the album for good. He's sensitive to response, if people aren't feeling what he puts out, he shelves that shit.

  9. I don't have a problem with INAD in general, but I do have a problem with this shitty cover and the fact that it auto-plays when I get to the blog. I love the site Uzee but nigga please.