Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Uzee's thoughts on the 'Under pressure' track

I will post my thoughts on the track.  I will only focus on the beat and not the lyrics.  

In my opinion when an early skeleton beat is made artists 'test' the beat by combining it with their rapping flow, at this early stage it doesn't matter what the lyrics are - just the flow.

My views - coming soon.



  1. thats your thoughts ? i know you do a good job on this site and i respect you for that but jeez thats all you could say ? LOL

  2. u may have been confused. I meant that my views will be coming soon.

  3. wen u gonna post ur views? the version with the hook by Kanobby, how close is this to the final, version cus sounds almost exactly the same as the other version that hit the net.

    personally i feel the main part of the beat is very good, but hes added that annoying noise at regular intervals which completely ruins it!!!

    hav u had any more news on the beat that leaked not so long ago, that u sed u ripped off the aftermath site? that beat is bangin!!!!!!!

  4. It sounds like a metronome track, they use that to record the vocals first, before the final beats. Dre will drop R&B and jazz over the top, to accentuate the vocals. He doesn't fuck around with techno. Dre's stuff typically uses a wall of sound technique, but then he goes over it many times so each BAR is slightly different. Listen to anything on 2001 and you will notice that although there's in general a repetitive beat, each bar of the song has one or two percussion or other sound effects that make it unique. He takes his time and lays down many many layers to get to the final sound. That level of detail and the number of other albums he's made in the last 5 years means delays ;)

    Anyway, he's a producer and this is his opus. Dre has never been the best rapper, but he discovers and makes legendary talents. For this album, I think it's going to be about history; he's going to bring back all the figures from the past, and mix in the present and future--sort of a hip hop musical. It's a concept album, it's going to be phenomenal, and there's going to be a major tour supporting it, arena style.

    Already confirmed you have Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Snoop, Nate, DOC, Kurupt, Nas, Eminem, Game, 50. These are big names. I definitely think he'll bring in ATL as well (Luda, et al), and I wouldn't be suprised to see Diddy and Master P. I hope Interscope doesn't convince him to feature pop stars like Lady Gaga (who will dry up and blow away) vs. proven legends. I think Dre is too smart to do that. This is the last big shot, this is going to change everything, and set the stage for the next generation of hits. It's so much of a sell-out that it comes back around to being the coolest thing ever. Looking forward to it, Doctor.