Saturday, 12 June 2010

Diddy credits Jay-Z, Dre and Eminem with helping to bring hip-hop back.

From Diddy's perspective, hip-hop is in a great space with the help of big, influential rap stars.

"Hip-Hop came back with a vengeance," Diddy said in an interview. "You have incredible artists who have come back strong, Jay-Z, new artists like Lil Wayne and Drake, Kanye, artists like Eminem and myself who are still doing what we do. And Dr. Dre's about to come back, it's just a great time overall for hip-hop, it's a lot of big stars that are out there, a lot of huge, huge names that are pushing the envelope. To me, it was important for me to push the envelope, you know, I'm my biggest competition and I think the artists I named are more as an inspiration to me than competition." (BBC News)

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  1. what's puff daddy has to do with hip hop? :)

  2. well he has got something to do with music in general - grow up and open your mind.