Friday, 25 June 2010

My opinion on Dre's 'Under Pressure'- well sort of.

To be honest i haven't listened to this track yet, still sitting on my desktop. The reason aint because others say its shit. I would have my own opinion about the track's beat solely. The reason for not listening to it yet is that i know it wont be on detox and also it's very rough, not finished or mixed etc.

If Dre's music is changing then its a good thing. People need to think more broader and expect changes. I know that its a sudden shock when an artist changes the style etc. But its not that big of a shock.

I still find it amazing that some music fans don't know quality when it's front of them. What i mean is that the tracks below (only 2 for starters) just fly over some folks heads and they don't notice the quality of these tracks. Maybe because they are too different to them?

Busta Rhymes - Legend of the fall offs
Jay-Z feat Coldplay - Beach Chair



  1. personally i luv it wen dre makes a complete new style, thats y i fink hes the best producer, cus he keeps it fresh with completely new beats, new concepts. both those beats u mentioned r hottttttttttt, personally i only feel the problem with under pressure is that weird noise he got over the main beat. if dre changes it he can make that beat into somethin special!

    to me i dnt feel dre as a particular style, he lakes to change things up and can do sum amazing stuf!!!! that under pressure beat is close but just not there in my opinion. i cnt wait for final mastered version of under pressure cus im sure dre got a new banger thats jus waitin 2 b released!!!

  2. wow i must say thats really impressive to see a fan resist the temptations to hearing the song that leaked from detox! i def give u props for that if u havent listenend to it! but if u havent listenend to it, how do u know its rough/ not mastered yet? cuz i mean u cannot say its rough jus by others opinions! but anways i do give u props!

  3. Like u said i did just take in what others are saying, regarding unfinished and not mixed etc. I still havent listened to it yet, otherwise i would have given some actual opinion.

    I think i am patient, proof? I made this blog and been posting news for some while now. Havent ever mentioned that im sick of waiting etc, cos i aint. Patience.

  4. nice! props to u! most people wud not be able to resist like myself for example! honestly thats impressive!

  5. thanks. Well the spread the word online about me and this blog.