Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Scott Storch Says Detox Is Almost Done (video)

Producer Scott Storch speaks to DJ Skee on relocating to L.A. to work with Dr. Dre on Detox. And if you’re still in denial, Scotty mentions the album is three tracks away from completion. 

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  1. dre needs a whole year for 3 tracks.

  2. i remember last year when snoop dogg said detox is finished

    same bullshit here ,they can talk all they want ,dre said last april :a single in 2 weeks and then yesterday he said sometime this summer,
    for me thats a massive backward step .i know detox will not be
    released this year for sure im sure dre would comeup with another

  3. JUST Watch how bad Detox album will be just watch -
    i heaRD he on some lady gaga shit right now ....BIG Let Down ...Just watch ..
    Jimmy's been fuckin him lately the music will be gay