Saturday, 29 May 2010

50 Cent thinks Dre should hurry and release album

50 Cent thinks Dr. Dre should hurry up and “put an album out already”.

50 is currently working on his fifth studio album, which he may release later this year. He is yet to settle on a date to make it available as he has written two different records, and is unsure which he wants go with.

The rapper doesn’t understand why other people in the industry don’t work like he does. He is a fan of legendary rapper Dre’s work, but finds it unbelievable he hasn’t released a solo album since 1999. Dre’s new record Detox is rumoured to be planned for release later this year.

“You listen to things in Dre's studio and you think, 'What the hell's the matter with him?' I mean, the beat box is right there. Just press the button and do it! But he's up against all the success he's had in the past,” 50 explained. “He wants to make something that will top all that. That's tough. I feel the same way, but because I'm out and about, I can move faster. I'm more in the scene. Dre, man, you never see him. He's not a homebody, he's a studiobody. He's always in there working. But you listen to the stuff and you're like, man, you got it. Put it out already.”

50 – real name Curtis Jackson - is proud of his work ethic, and of all the records that bear his name. He plans to continue working as hard as he previously has, insisting it isn’t difficult as it’s so enjoyable.

“I've stayed on schedule. I've released an album every other year consistently, with three albums in-between by people I like,” he explained to the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper. “People I know make records whenever they're inspired to. They get out of bed when they feel like it. My process is different. I don't want to wait around. I want to give you something, right now.”


  1. dont realese anything 50! cos this will give Dre another excuse to postpone Detox premier... and I dont want to wait anymore....

  2. i think 50 should hurry up and put some weight back on

  3. its funny how 50 tells dre to hurry, wen he cannot make another classic like get rich! i have a feeling black magic is gonna be crap! bisd was not bad but not close to grodt! but detox really better be all that! cuz dre u made us wait!

  4. i mean if 50 cent doesnt understand what dre is doing with detx than i dont know what the fuck to say anymore

  5. ^^just cos 50 and dre are in the same label doest mean that 50 knows what dre is doing.