Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Radio interview-what was discussed?

On Monday Planet Rap's Fred had interviewed Dre and Jimmy Lovin on Skyrock.

OK so the interview did happen with Dre and Jimmy Iovine.  It was in French language and a translated transcript isn't released yet.  Below is following information we managed to extract from the radio interview.

Apart from the discussion of the 'Beat' headphones, their history together and digital music distribution and changes in the industry, a little info on the delayed Detox single was discussed. 

The first single may not be 'Under Pressure' anymore, whichever it is it will supposedly be released this summer.  The Detox album is still on schedule to be released this year. 

Jimmy said that they didn't want to put the new Dre single and Eminem's first single to clash with each other in terms of sales and thats why 'Under Pressure' is delayed.

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  1. I speak french and the 2 interviewers didn't say anything important except translating in french what Dre and Jimmy Iovine were saying... And that's exactly what I thought, Under Pressure isn't released yet cuz Eminem decided to leak his single for his album and they don't want both singles to go against each other... A proof not everything always goes as planned in the music industry even inside a small label like aftermath