Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Justin Bieber met Dr. Dre and got some advice

Justin met the legend Dr. Dre After what appeared to be a slight day off(the concert in downtown LA is tonight) the entertainer was still busy According to his Twitter account he met the egend sometime in the afternoon and got some tips from the man who everyone wants to meet in their lifetime, Dr. Dre Also got to be in the studio with the legend himself Dr. Dre...made a couple beats and he gave me some advice...i was hyped. can u blame me?" Definitely being in the studio with the one and only Dr. Dre means that Justin Bieber is a serious contender in the music circles. Yes fans already knew this, but for sure the rest of the music business does.


  1. stop adding this bullshit nes... better say when Detox is comming out and when Up In Smoke Tour 2 is starting....

  2. All praise to Justin, BUT im afraid to say the reason why he sells records is becuase of his APPEARANCE rather than his musical TALENT (obvious). Music television has changed over the years artsists like Justin, Soulja BOy e.t.c are now able to sell records becuase of what they do infront of a camera rather than thier musical talent. EVEN rihanna to a certain extent, I mean no offense but she actually is not the good a singer, we all know she dont make beats. BUT at the end of the say its the record sells that count so you have to clap for them. Freeky Zee