Friday, 9 July 2010 network closing soon.

Some of you may know that i had created a Dr Dre Detox social network ( a long time ago.  The reason for this was that i wanted fans to not only read the news and rumours, but also to discuss them with other fans. 

The social network platform NING will now want the network developers to pay a subscription fee, which i will not be doing. As a result the network will be closing very soon.

This blog is still the main source and to have that social aspect the 'comments' functionality has been available for users to voice their opinions.

It would be great if i'm able to add a discussion board/forum feature within this blog.  Any ideas????



  1. Dude. Just find another free blog host or gvet your own domain. Cheap as chips. Less than $100 p/yr.

  2. uzee i think this blog should be made into a full blown website with forum,dre discography, interviews and so on , if you have time that is,im one of your fans

  3. Sorry but im not thinkin of makin a full blown website with a dre discography and music videos etc. Most usual fan websites contain this and its not hard to find really. Dont wana do what every1 normally does. I wanna keep it simple and unique, like this blog. One thing i would like is an integrated forum.

    Thanks for being my fan!

  4. Keep it about detox EOM