Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Photo From Eminem's 'We Made You' Video Set Hits Web

First single from Relapse was produced by Dr. Dre; 50 Cent is only featured in clip.

Place your bets on Interscope's three-headed monster! Just about everyone in the music industry is expecting big things from Dr. Dre, Eminem and 50 Cent this year.

Interscope confirmed that the trio were in Las Vegas at the Palms Casino on Sunday filming the video for "We Made You," the first single from Em's Relapse album. A photo from the video set was posted on 50 Cent's Web site, The flick features the trio sitting at a poker table. Em is sitting in the middle, sporting a gray suit, white shirt and his new dark-brown hair with a part in it. Dr. Dre is on Slim Shady's right and has the most poker chips. The Doc has on an identical outfit to Em, while 50 sticks out in a T-shirt and red-and-blue fitted cap.

According to, "We Made You" was produced by Dr. Dre. While Fif is in the video, h
e isn't featured on the song. In a press release announcing the Relapse release date of May 19, Interscope said the video would hit airwaves April 7. That same press release also noted that Em would be coming out with a follow-up LP to Relapse later this year. In a recent interview with MTV News, 50 Cent said it was him who gave Em the idea to double up.

In the same interview, 50 had his own bit of news: He's dropping two albums this year as well. Both records will come on the heels of Eminem's releases. There has been no word from Dr. Dre on his anticipated Detox LP. Several songs apparently for the album leaked before Dre even got to lay his vocals on them. Those songs featured T.I. referencing lyrics for the production legend.

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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Readers - Now it's your turn - Discuss and Vote!

OK there has been plenty of news and rumours of Dre and Detox, and nothing is concrete or confirmed. Hip Hops best kept secret?

Now get your opinions heard here.

Discuss anything about Detox:

What type of sound do you expect?
What sound do you personal wana hear?
News sound away from Chronic and 2001?
Keep it west coast sound???
Something that maybe change hiphop again?

Level success you expect?
Album sales important?
Or music success as in a grammy or 2?

What do you think about the recent track leaks?????
I first thought it was a stunt from the record label, but now somebody leaked them without permission haha.

Do vote on the 2 polls which you can see on the right.

Post your views here, by clicking on the 'Comments' link at the bottom of this post.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Dawaun Parker interview - discusses Detox

AftermathMusic conducted an interview with Aftermath producer Dawaun Parker. He talks about any things, including Detox. For the full interview click the link at the bottom.
Has the long wait for Detox made you feel like people were going to expect too much of the album?

Dawaun Parker:
I think the longer the wait the more expected yes. But the fans SHOULD have high expectations regardless of the length of time cuz it’s Dre. However, I wish people wouldn’t think that it took him 7 or something years to make. When I got my deal there wasn’t one Detox track completed. Real talk. He wasn’t working on it at the time. People just knew that there was supposed to be a project. The rest is all rumors and here-say.
Dr. Dre said: “Hip Hop has to grow up, so we can do Detox”. What do you think about this statement?

Dawaun Parker:
It’s factual.
Detox has been pushed back again and again, and is it maybe because of the record sales nowadays and Interscope is maybe afraid of Detox suffering from that?

Dawaun Parker:
No! The album isn’t done, thats all. It’s never really been pushed back, cuz there hasn’t ever been a definitive release date.
We hear a lot of people talk about Dre and his work ethic. What is it like working with him from your perspective?

Dawaun Parker:
He has the best work ethic and he drives me to match and exceed his with my own.
What do you think about all the “Detox - Leaks”?

Dawaun Parker:
I think it’s wack that people heard those ideas in it’s most infant stage, and also that people assumed they were all detox records cuz they weren’t. The hackers or Dj’s or whoever even made up their own titles…fugazi.
Good answer. You know the last Detox question for now and everybody is waiting on an answer. So, when will Detox realisticly come out!

Dawaun Parker:
That’s what everyone wants to know…at this time, I have no additional info of any value.

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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Sir Jinx At Work In The Studio With Dr. Dre

Through their mothers, two of Los Angeles' most accomplished producers are working together for the first time in their respective 25-plus year careers. Sir Jinx, known for producing classic albums for Ice Cube [click to read] (Death Certificate), Kool G Rap & DJ Polo [click to read] (Live & Let Die) and WC & The Maad Circle (Ain't A Damn Thang Changed) has linked up with family friend, Hip Hop's most super-star producer, Dr. Dre.

Jinx' publicists Jonathan Hay and Chad Kiser exclusively shared with HipHopDX, their inititial interview footage of the producer explaining how in the last two months, history has been made. "I haven't seen [Dr. Dre] in maybe six or seven years," began Jinx, who did help produce Kurupt's Against Tha Grain, the last release Death Row Records put out. The reunion came courtesy of family. "I have to put it on my mama. 'Cause my mama deals with his mama. They've been friends for [many years]. My mama does a lot of stuff with my auntie (Dr. Dre's mother), because my auntie is rich as fuck now! [Laughs] My mom always invites me to the, 'Well, Dre's having something at the house.' Who wants to go around that?"

Admittedly, the accomplished producer responsible for hits such as "No Vaseline," "Once Upon A Time In The Projects" and "Edge of Sanity," was hoping to get up with his production peer on different terms. "I wanted them to come to my environment, so I'd never go there," said Jinx. He revealed, "Nobody goes to Dre's house. Even people that work for Dre don't know where Dre lives. Nobody knows where Dre lives, matter of fact. That's how it is."

At the get-together, the old friends got to talking about music, and Dr. Dre played Jinx some reported work from both Eminem's Relapse sessions, as well as 50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct. "It was sounding crazy! They on some Kanye-devilish music. It's kind of spacey, but it's Dr. Dre notes. Amazing!" Jinx revealed more, "It's almost like Marvin Gaye music, where there's really not no metric, not no rhythmic pattern, playing all that. And he says, 'I know you got some music?' I didn't come there to play music, but you know I always got some music." The casual producer talk allowed Jinx, who like Dr. Dre, has released little in the last five years, to unveil what he calls his "pistols." "I'm a warrior; I walk around with pistols just so I know I'll kill anything."

With a trip to the car, Jinx's work impressed Dre. "One of the beats I played, he was like, 'I like that beat. That beat is hot!' I gave him the CD." Although Sir Jinx was acted to mix the record, he is yet unsure what will be done with it. "It's a hard track," is all the South Central-born producer says for now.

When it's come to mixing the record, Jinx also revealed a bit that Dr. Dre has delayed the session repeatedly, due to his own recent birthday, and other engagements. Understanding of the fact, Jinx says that, "He don't have no manager, no advisor." The producer then says this fact may be one of the reasons that Dr. Dre is a true artist at a time where industry politics have hurt the craft of music-making.

The early Ice Cube producer also stated that he's already been paid, a credit to Dr. Dre's old school and far more respectable business practices. "Niggas ain't passin' out checks no more. You can buy in bulk now," said an appreciative Jinx.

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Thursday, 12 March 2009

T.I. Says He Has '18, 19' New Songs -- But Still Won't Talk Detox

When T.I. takes a vow of silence, he apparently rides it out to the end. Tip has evidently made a pledge not to divulge any information about his reported collaborations with Dr. Dre for the Doc's forthcoming Detox LP — even though an inside source confirmed the information to MTV News, and tracks have leaked (one of which was labeled "I Am Hip-Hop (Detox)," with Tip referencing verses for Dre. Still, T.I. will not open up about his work on the album.

"I heard about that," Tip said nonchalantly about the Detox tracks leaking on Monday in the New York City borough of the Bronx, where he spoke to kids at a Boys & Girls Club.

As questioning about Detox continued, T.I. replied, "Did I really reference vocals for Dr. Dre? Did Dr. Dre confirm I referenced vocals for Dr. Dre? I cannot confirm or deny my involvement with the Detox project, but if I had the chance to work with the great Dr. Dre, it would be an honor and a privilege, and definitely be a pivotal moment and highlight of my career."

T.I. had previously told MTV News that "a little birdie" told him Detox will be "phenomenal."

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Xzibit talks Detox

Speaking of, what’s up with Detox anyway? “Hey man, it’s coming,” says X. “I mean it was eight years between The Chronic albums, why y’all trippin’?! [laughing] Everybody bitches and complains but then when the s**t comes out it’s, ‘Aww man, that n***a Dre man, he came with that s**t.’ Why you doing it to yourself? Just sit back and relax.”

Alright, okay. But are YOU on the album? “I know just as much as you do bruh,” he admits. “All I can do is go to the studio, put my best foot forward and hope when the artwork come out my name is on it.” [laughing]

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Monday, 9 March 2009

Bishop speaks on Detox track leaks

57 seconds into the video Bishop mentinds the 12 track/step cocnept of the album. For those that don't know, this was a concept of Dre's in 2002 - sort of a hip hop music/movie style. Focus was on life through the eyes of a Hitman.

Well this is the 12 step concept - each step would be a track, but all blended together. Below is part fo an old article (2002) of this concept.

"I had to come up with something different but still keep it hardcore, so what I decided to do was make my album one story about one person and just do the record through a character's eyes," Dre said. "And everybody that appears on my album is going to be a character, so it's basically going to be a hip-hop musical."

Detox's story line will chronicle the life of a hit man, describing "what he goes through and how he lives his life," said Dre, who played a trigger-eager crooked cop in "Training Day." "[It's] about his family and how he makes a living."

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Friday, 6 March 2009

Eminem and Dre's workrate turns into 2 Eminem albums!

The long-dormant Eminem has not one but two albums slated for release in 2009, his record company announced today. The highly anticipated "Relapse" will be released May 19, and a second album of all new material, "Relapse 2," will be released in the second half of the year.

"A lot of people were expecting 'Relapse' to drop last year, (and) I was one of them," the Detroit rapper said in a statement. "Then (Dr.) Dre and I went back in the studio for a few days, and that turned into six months. We were on such a roll; we would up with a ton of new music produced by Dre. Putting out 'Relapse 2' will let everyone get out all of the best stuff."

The order of releases is rumoured to be Em's 'Relapse', then 50's 'Before i self Destruct' and then Dre's Detox.

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