Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Dawaun Parker interview - discusses Detox

AftermathMusic conducted an interview with Aftermath producer Dawaun Parker. He talks about any things, including Detox. For the full interview click the link at the bottom.
Has the long wait for Detox made you feel like people were going to expect too much of the album?

Dawaun Parker:
I think the longer the wait the more expected yes. But the fans SHOULD have high expectations regardless of the length of time cuz it’s Dre. However, I wish people wouldn’t think that it took him 7 or something years to make. When I got my deal there wasn’t one Detox track completed. Real talk. He wasn’t working on it at the time. People just knew that there was supposed to be a project. The rest is all rumors and here-say.
Dr. Dre said: “Hip Hop has to grow up, so we can do Detox”. What do you think about this statement?

Dawaun Parker:
It’s factual.
Detox has been pushed back again and again, and is it maybe because of the record sales nowadays and Interscope is maybe afraid of Detox suffering from that?

Dawaun Parker:
No! The album isn’t done, thats all. It’s never really been pushed back, cuz there hasn’t ever been a definitive release date.
We hear a lot of people talk about Dre and his work ethic. What is it like working with him from your perspective?

Dawaun Parker:
He has the best work ethic and he drives me to match and exceed his with my own.
What do you think about all the “Detox - Leaks”?

Dawaun Parker:
I think it’s wack that people heard those ideas in it’s most infant stage, and also that people assumed they were all detox records cuz they weren’t. The hackers or Dj’s or whoever even made up their own titles…fugazi.
Good answer. You know the last Detox question for now and everybody is waiting on an answer. So, when will Detox realisticly come out!

Dawaun Parker:
That’s what everyone wants to know…at this time, I have no additional info of any value.

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