Saturday, 21 March 2009

Readers - Now it's your turn - Discuss and Vote!

OK there has been plenty of news and rumours of Dre and Detox, and nothing is concrete or confirmed. Hip Hops best kept secret?

Now get your opinions heard here.

Discuss anything about Detox:

What type of sound do you expect?
What sound do you personal wana hear?
News sound away from Chronic and 2001?
Keep it west coast sound???
Something that maybe change hiphop again?

Level success you expect?
Album sales important?
Or music success as in a grammy or 2?

What do you think about the recent track leaks?????
I first thought it was a stunt from the record label, but now somebody leaked them without permission haha.

Do vote on the 2 polls which you can see on the right.

Post your views here, by clicking on the 'Comments' link at the bottom of this post.

1 comment:

  1. I think Detox will be the hottest album of the year. I expect a hot track off the album with 50 in it and I expect that Em will have a hot track on the album with Dr.Dre like the old times such as 'Forgot about Dre'. I expect it to sell 10mill and I think the leaks are on purpose becuase I know I aint heard the hottest tracks off Detox. I do expect the usual sounds Dre produces weather its the piano or the violine sort of sounds in the album and last but not least I think Dre might push the album back again becuase Bishop Lamont says in I GOT IT 'the reformation now but next up detox'.