Monday, 25 May 2009

Dr Dre Speaks

The full interview contains Eminem being interview too.

Dr. Dre Speaks On Relapse, Rapping Again And His Prognosis Of Em ...

You haven’t gotten behind the mic in a few years, what made you decide to rap on Relapse?

When me and Em get together and that fire starts, anything can happen. We were both pushing each other to that next level, and when I heard him on the mic on those two beats, both times I said, “Yo, I got to be on this.”

Can you describe the chemistry you and Em had on Relapse and how this played out in the studio when recording songs?

We were in the studio together a couple times just trying shit out, seeing what was gonna happen. I could feel it wasn’t the right time yet ... but I knew it was coming. Em’s talked about how he had to deal with some of his shit, too, and once we got back in after that, it was on. When we’re both in that zone, the songs come faster than we can record them.

After working with Eminem on practically this entire album and going through the ups and downs together for the past few years, how has that affected your relationship as friends and musicians?

Me and Em are always cool, and when he’s ready to work and I’m ready to work, we do our thing. That shit doesn’t change.

Being that you are the doctor, can you make a prognosis as to what is going on with Slim Shady on Relapse?

His lyrics are crazy!
I’m probably the dude who’s used to it the most, because I get to hear all of it when he’s recording. But then we’re in the studio and he puts something down and I’m like, “What the fuck did he just say?” Every time I think there’s nothing crazier he can come up with lyrically, he does it. I don’t know where he gets that shit from ... man, I don’t want to know. | RDW

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