Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Bishop speaks on Dr Dre and Detox

Bishop did an interview with For the full the interview click the link at the bottom. I know you can't speak much about Dr. Dre and Detox. I know you can't talk about it. But…

Bishop Lamont: What are you trying to set me up for, pimp? (Laughs) We just want some clue as to what goes on in Dre's mind. We've been waiting forever.

Bishop Lamont: Me too! We're looking at him to turn the Titanic around this year.

Bishop Lamont: It’s definitely the Titanic and we're about to hit that iceberg. I don't know. That dude is an amazing dude. You can never tell what's on his mind. I can speak on what's in his heart. For the most part, he wants to deliver Detox, but he doesn't feel that its up to par yet to give it to the world. Each installment has taken seven years and we're up to 10 with this one. We're going past that window so its are the people still gonna want it and can I give them with the same energy and the ambition that the people want to see it. N***as looking at it like its Big Foot or a unicorn or Loch Ness Monster. It’s taken on mythical levels. He has to surpass all that and deliver something amazing. So, hopefully… Another legendary producer DJ Quik suggested he should do a new album...

Bishop Lamont: That's what he did... ...with a different title.

Bishop Lamont: It’s not a different title, but he did [change the album] Was that because of leaks or...

Bishop Lamont: Because of leaks and how he's feeling in his mind. I can't speak for him 100% until I speak to him, but from what it was before to what it is, he wants that s**t to be mega. I think n***as would be mad if we put out some bulls**t and it destroys the whole legacy. Other n***as albums didn't live up to the expectations and now we're coming to the godfather of rap, the Quincy Jones of rap. This n***a's got to not only walk on water, but fly and s**t. We in the Matrix right now and that's Morpheus. Neo is going to do his thing and I'm going to do what I gotta do with Morpheus.

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