Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Closing down this blog, twitter and FB.

Hey loyal fans

Got some sad news, i'm closing down the whole dr dre detox 'brand', which includes this blog, the FB group and the twitter account.

2 reasons
  • I'm now married and ending all social network activity to solely focus on my wife.  
  • Nothing is happening with the Detox album



  1. Great respect for this blog!

    best regards from Poland

  2. Thank you for everything!

    Take care

  3. Thanks Uzee, good luck with life from here on! It's been a ride, both here and on the aftermathmusic board for years and years waiting for detox. If it does finally drop (when we're both retired) enjoy it! Best wishes from Australia.

  4. thank you for the updates man, best of luck and well wishes in your life

  5. Even though there's no news, I'm still going to kinda miss this blog. Good luck and hopefully we will get to hear it one day.
    So long from South Central LA

  6. New chapter of your life, good luck !


  7. Thanks for keeping us updated, good luck and all the best.


  8. Thanks for the time you took to bring us news.

    Good luck for your life, take care !

    From France

  9. Really?
    I'm now married and ending all social network activity to solely focus on my wife.
    I understand closing this Blog, but ending all social network activity to focus on your wife? A little extreme perhaps?

    1. Not it's not extreme as i dont find social networks like FB interesting anymore. All i see ppl trying to trying to gain attention too much.

      I can live without this online stuff and focus more on face to face lol.

    2. Thanks for the response. I totally understand where you are coming from. At first it sounded like you were sentenced to a very long prison term....and being a married guy as well, it should be nothing like that.

  10. When is Detox coming out? Thought you dedicatd your life to it saying you'd never quit. Thanks for quitting on all of us....

    It is a sad day. Who can you count on anymore.

  11. Have quietly and anonymously followed this for some time. Just wanted to say thanks for all the work, and best of luck and nothing but happiness in your married life! I think someday when the Beats business dries up (which it inevitably will one day,) and he's absolutely satisfied, we will see Detox. If not, it'll be a posthumous release. But I think we'll see it one day.

    If not... he's already done more for hip hop than almost anyone.

    Anywho, take it easy and congrats on your marriage and I wish you peace and joy man.

  12. It's been a great ride man. Have a great life with your wife (rhyme not intended hah). It sucks to see this blog close down, but life is life and your wife is way more important than social media. Again, thank you for everything Uzee.

  13. I hope we'll see u as a hologram one day. Reporting about Detox.

  14. Hey Uzee much respect towards you for putting the efforts towards this site. I always checked for updates hoping to see the headlines one day stating "First official single from Detox" or "Detox Tracklist Revealed" etc Oh well, we all still have that slight glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel! Congrats on the marriage, best of luck with your endeavours for the future. Nothing but love brother!
    Vancouver Canada

  15. All the best, it's been a long time since 2001... who would have thought we would have waited so long. Marriage is a gift, as unique and cherished as each tree that grows in our yards. The beauty cannot be described to those who are blind, but when one sees it, they understand completely and need no explanation.


  16. Any other sites like this now that this site is gone....? Detox Forever

  17. I haven't posted in a bit but I still wanted to express thanks for keeping the blog up as long as you have, and sticking with updating us this whole time. can't say many others would take their own time just to give us all a place to see what's up and post our opinions or bitching lol. it was a good ride uzee, thanks again for everything and congrats on your marriage. hope you pop up somewhere again if detox ever comes up someday.

  18. Thanks so much I really hate that the Detox album never got released while this site was up and really kickin. I appreciate the hard work you put in and good luck on everything you do. P.S. Maybe one day Detox will in some form see the light of day