Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Swizz Beatz talks working on Detox

Swizz Beatz is constantly working. But whether it’s newer ventures like being a pitchman for Reebok or dabbling into art, Swizzy hasn’t forgot about the music.

During a recent interview, Swizz Beatz recently revealed that he shared some studio time with Dr. Dre for the legendary producer’s notoriously-anticipated album, Detox, and is also working on bringing DMX back into the fold.

As previous accounts from rappers and producers have already indicated, Swizzy says that Dre is sitting on a plethora of hot records.

“I done heard 10 Detox worth of smashes,” Swizz told Bootleg Kev about getting in the studio and working with Dre about two to two and a half months ago. “Just put yourself in Dre’s shoes. When you a perfectionist and when you set the bar so high and when people are expecting so much of you and from you, you don’t want to feel that at any type of way and you don’t want the pressure of that, especially when you already won the title.

“Even with Beats by Dre success and all that, he still loves music,” he added. “He’s one of the most consistent, even if he hasn’t put out records every year.”

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  1. It seems like everyone except one person is satisfied with Detox, and that is the good Dr. himself. I think Dre would feel a lot better and a lot less stressed if he put it out already, but after years of waiting, I'm not so sure it'll ever happen.

  2. There has been enough Scraps of Detox to last us all of the years it took to make the album.

    If he isn't satisfied with it now, he might never be.

    Me being a hardcore Dre fan, I'd be happy with anything he puts out at this point.