Sunday, 31 October 2010

"Dre is hard to lock down" states E-A-Ski

During an interview E-A-Ski talks his difficulty in tracking down Dre.

DX: A lot of people, I don’t know if they know that you did some stuff with Dr. Dre when he first launched Aftermath. Have you guys stayed in any kinda contact, done any more work in recent years?

E-A-Ski: Yeah, a lot of people don’t know I did something with [Dr.] Dre. I actually produced and wrote the whole record that we did. And it was actually called “Dr. Dre & Mr. Ski.” And that [concept] was based on the fact that at the time - him leaving from Death Row [Records] and going and doing the whole Aftermath [Entertainment] - he was kinda [wanting to] take a different approach as far as where he was gonna go [content-wise]. One of his first singles was “Been There Done That.” But…I was like, “Look, that’s cool, but let me be your flipside then, Dre.” You can always be creative with music, even if you wanna take a different approach [and get] away from whether it be the streets or whatever it is… And when I presented the idea of the Jekyll & Hyde [concept]…[it was] like, “Look Dre, you be Jekyll then. You be this dude that has done it and living your life, but let me be the dude that come in and just be a menace. Let me be your bad side…” When he heard the concept, I remember, he was screaming over the phone like, “Oh my God, that’s sick!” I mean screaming, like really like, “Dude, that’s sick.” He said, “Man, work on it. Just get it together and the whole nine.” So, I went and tried to figure out how – Because you know writing too, that’s different when you writing for somebody else. You wanna try to capture how they get down, and their whole cadence. So the song came together and we did it. [But] I hadn’t really talked to Dre since then, because as you know, he went on and started coming out with [2001] and Eminem and stuff like that. And, we really ain’t touched – Dre is hard to lock down.  

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