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Producers Chocolate and DJ Silk talk about Detox - Looong good read

Chocolate and DJ Silk are two legendary producers collectively known as The Ginuwin Draftz.  They talk about Dre's new protege Slim Tha Mobster and Detox.

Raptalk.Net: Hell yeah. This is the big question right here. Do you think “Detox” will set up Slim Da Mobster just as “The Chronic” set up Snoop Dogg and “2001” set up Eminem?

DJ Silk: I think so. I think that’s the best thing that could happen to him. He’s had other things going on before that. He’s a go hard in the paint type of person. It’s good because he’s running with the music to be able to express what he’s feeling. He’s writing hell of songs. He is what the game is missing and I’m glad that he’s with us.

Chocolate: Yes. I think that Slim is groomed. Snoop [Dogg] was ready but you know if you’re cooking something and it’s almost perfect but it might need a little more seasoning? That’s how Snoop was. Snoop just needed a little seasoning and it wasn’t a lot. I’m looking at the difference in-between how that was with Dre then and its how it is with Slim now. Slim is just ready. He’s groomed and polished. He doesn’t need any training. He doesn’t have to do songs with Dre standing over his shoulder. He’s gonna’ do 2-3 songs in one night. If he works for 12 hours here with us, he’s gonna’ have 3-4 songs done. His work ethic is beyond incredible; beyond (laughs). And I don’t say it because he’s my nephew. What’s funny about it is, when he was locked up in prison, I was telling him then that when he comes home, I’m gonna’ get him in the studio and we’re gonna’ work because he was already dope. If he just put his mind to this, it’s gonna’ happen for him and he put his mind to it. All the people I was telling that thought I was just saying it because he’s my blood, my family. But no, I‘m telling you because he’s good at what he does.

Actually, it’s not just him, I have another nephew who is XV; I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of XV out of Wichita, Kansas?

Raptalk.Net: I haven’t

Chocolate: He’s blowing up right now. He’s doing the Hip-Hop Honor awards and he’s doing the Warren G segment. He’s on the show doing the Hip-Hop Honor awards and he’s doing “Regulate” and a couple of other joints that Warren G had. You know there doing Hip-Hop Honor awards for Def Jam. My nephew XV, when you see him that is my other brother’s son. He’s going through a transition right now. The last I knew, his deal was looking pretty good. It’s just ironic that he’s super close to where Slim is it from my understanding. And I don’t mean that by being with Aftermath or anything like that, but he’s dealing with…the last I knew, Jimmy Iovine was super heavily looking into him. I’m not gonna’ quote that he’s signed there already but he’s doing Hip-Hop Honor awards so he must have done something right (laughs). That’s XV and then I have another nephew Mike Phenom, he’s about to take off and another nephew named Ses Batta. All four of them are dope but Slim is the reigning king. All of them are dope but it’s just they haven’t been around and groomed like Slim (laughs). That’s all it is. They are all talented but they haven’t been groomed like Slim.

Raptalk.Net: And what’s your involvement in “Detox” right now and what do you believe is the status of that record?

DJ Silk: Of course I’m Slim’s DJ as well as one of his producers, Chocolate’s partner. Our involvement is to do what we can actually. So far, we have one solid track on “Detox” which is ridiculous. I’m blessed and proud to actually have the talent to make it on “Detox.” There are a lot of guys that did a lot of work and didn’t make it on “Detox.” It was good work but Dre is a perfectionist. If it’s not ultimately dope shit, it’s not gonna’ go there. Whoever is doing records right now, when “Detox” drops, get in research mode because this dude is doing musical movies. It’s beyond a song now. He’s the Steven Spielberg of music. I truly and honestly believe, and I know that now. Dre plays all kinds of instruments. He doesn’t even need our help; put it that way. I’m blessed to at least have a few joints on there.

Chocolate: It’ll be hard for me to say how many joints Dre got done. Me and DJ Silk, we’re working right now trying to come up with more joints for the “Detox” album. We have, we know we made the record. We have a joint on “Detox” that is a hot joint and Dre did his thing on it. I think that the status of it, I couldn’t tell you. The man is a perfectionist. I do know that it is coming out though (laughs).

Raptalk.Net: Where are you sonically taking the production on the one track that you know made it for sure?

DJ Silk: On that particular joint, I would tell you the title but there are a lot of funny things with leaks and hackers going on right now. It’s a good record, we know we have at least one solid joint on the “Detox” album. If I hear anything new from Dre confirming we have more records, will link up and do another interview or update. You guys will hear it soon. For me, Dre lets us do what we do best. I don’t know for sure, but Dre doesn’t like people trying to be like him. You have those producers who try to produce tracks of something he may possibly conjure up. They don’t even know what level he is on right now. Anything they can come up with is something they heard way back in the day. Dre loves us for what we do now; for what we’re groomed to do. He likes us to be ourselves. The whole record is live. It’s actually played. You won’t hear too many real samples on the record. That’s why I said he’s making musical movies. It’s like an orchestra playing. It’s like having Mozart in there with ?uestlove.

Raptalk.Net: Silk & Chocolate have a record on “Detox.” Chocolate, you read my D.O.C. interview “Detox & Surgery” and even left us a nice comment on the page. D.O.C. said in that interview that he thinks the album would have been done in November.

Chocolate: I mean, Dre has been working hard on this record. His mind is so genius. I’ve watched him work and I’m like wow, this dude will play anything you put in front of him. He doesn’t…how could I put it? Dre is like a real maestro. He leads you to the right notes and to the right placements and shit. When you hear certain shit and don’t know where to place it, Dre knows where to place it at. He’s just a perfectionist so you can’t really say where he’s at on his record and I couldn’t tell you. I know that we’re still working. He’s done us good. Since we’ve been working on this record, we’ve been out of town to get a change of environment and worked in other states and cities. He’s done us right just to get a different feel and vibe in order to make that music that you wouldn’t have thought about just by sitting in that same place all the time. You need a different view sometimes. Dre is probably, I couldn’t tell you how many songs he has done.

Raptalk.Net: We probably can’t even count that high.

Chocolate: He has so much hot shit. That’s why I say it’s crazy. You can’t place anything with what the man does. It has to be perfect. When they hear this mans record, the world is going to see why they waited so long for this record (laughs). That’s what I can truly tell you. When the world hears this record, they’re gonna’ be like ok, it was worth the fucking wait.

Raptalk.Net: When people talk about the “2001” team, people come up with the names Hittman, Scott Storch, Xzibit, Eminem, Knoc-turn’al, Mel-Man and people like that. If you had to name a few names in your mind that make up the “Detox” team, which names would you drop?

Chocolate: From me being around, I’ve seen a lot of them come in and do hot shit. But I don’t know what’s actually been cited to make the record. I don’t want to speak on names and they don’t make the record. I don’t know. A lot of records have leaked and Dre has put a real hold, he’s tightened down on everything. What he plays is what we hear. I’ve heard a lot of hot joints and seen a lot of different artists come in and do songs with him but I don’t know if they made the record. That is why I don’t want to say this joint with such and such. I’ve seen some big names come in.

Raptalk.Net: I respect that you can’t drop names so without dropping names, how do you think the “Detox” team or the people you’ve seen come in…

Chocolate: Heavy. They came in and did their thing very heavy. Dre is never gonna’ look away from his people. You know he’ll always keep Snoop [Dogg] somewhere in there. I know he has a joint with Snoop. He still keeps some of those around. Really with that, it’s hard to say. I don’t even know if that made the record. That is why I don’t want to be saying stuff. From what I’m looking at, the best way I could put it is everybody is still getting their chance to come and do what they’ve done before for him. He hasn’t turned his back on anyone. That’s the best way I could put it.

Raptalk.Net: What about “Relapse 2?” Have you done any work on that?

DJ Silk: We’re working right now to try and get a record on there. First things first is to actually making the record, and then will take care of everything else. Paperwork and all that isn’t hard to get done. We just want to create some music for Eminem that he loves and raps over it for the album. We know he would wreck one of our beats. 

Raptalk.Net:Wow, there y’all have it – Chocolate & DJ Silk is on “Detox” & is working to get on “Relapse 2.” There are some rumors going around that Xzibit has been back in the camp really heavy and that Dre is doing his entire album. Have you gotten any word on that?

Chocolate: No. I know Xzibit came in and did a hook for Slim Tha Mobster. I don’t know the status of that though. I haven’t seen Xzibit in the studio. Actually, when we’re working with Slim, Dre is in another studio not far from us but we’re not in his sessions. We’re in a whole different studio doing our thing and Dre is doing his thing. We’ve always basically worked like that unless we’re in the same building with Dre. Most of the time we’re at a different building that is close. So I’m not in on all the sessions to see who has come in and out all the time. I come in on certain days and see certain people come in. it’s always short and brief and I’m back to doing what I’m doing at another studio working.

Raptalk.Net: Is it safe to say that Slim won’t drop until after “Detox?”

Chocolate: Slim has tons of songs (laughs). That’s kind of hard to say but I think it would be safe to say that it’ll be after “Detox.”

Raptalk.Net: It would make sense from a strategic standpoint.

Chocolate: He’s definitely the front man for the tour, the opening act. That’s the first act. I would say it’ll be safe to say he’ll be out after “Detox” and not before.

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  1. Quote from interview - ...when “Detox” drops, get in research mode because this dude is doing musical movies. It’s beyond a song now. He’s the Steven Spielberg of music.

    Reading the above, maybe Dre is still thinking about movie/cinematic style sound to the album.

    Those of you who didn't vote for the 'movie style' sound for Detox - shame on you all. Check out the poll about the Detox sound in this blog.

  2. no matter when it drops,
    or who is on it,
    you know that 'Detox'
    will be the dopest thing eva.
    just look at 'Detoxification'
    fuckin sickness threwout that

  3. cheers for ur reply dude.

    SPREAD the word of this blog peeps, this WILL make a difference to other fans who dont know.....

  4. u gotta same i'm right about the choice of sound for detox, in the poll (look right) i added the choice of 'hitman/story' telling which is actually movie/cinematic style in general.



    look at the video of dj silk and chocolate talking about how songs get leaked