Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Warren G touches on Detox

Sherron Shabazz spoke iwth Warren G about his new album The G-Files. Warren G also touched upon Dr Dre and Detox.

SS: About 10 years ago you hit the road with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Eminem on the Up in Smoke Tour. We keep hearing that Dr. Dre's final album Detox is coming, is there any chance that we can get an Up in Smoke 2 in the summer of 2010?

Warren G: Well I'm definitely trying to get on that Detox tour!!! I'm on that!! I'm on!

SS: Can you confirm that there will be a Detox tour?

Warren G: It's gonna have to be and I'm on!

SS: Did you work on the Detox album?

Warren G: Not yet. I'm just waiting on the call. He'll be calling me pretty soon. I'm gonna go down there, work with him, and do my thing. The records I've heard so far are incredible. It's real dope. He's doing his thing.

SS: In my opinion he's the greatest of all time...

Warren G: Who me? (laughs)

SS: (laughs) Nah, your brother man!

Warren G: It's all good.

SS: I think Dr. Dre is going to come with something special because so many people count him out.

Warren G: I can't wait 'till he drops it so he can shut all this [bs] music down. It's gonna be a good record man, and I can't wait.

SS: Can you give me an example of the [bs] music that's out there (laughs)?

Warren G: I'm not a hater. It's just some [stuff] out there where you just say to yourself, how did this get on the radio? Man...I'm!

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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Producer 40 and Drake worked with Dr Dre years ago.

In 2007, producer Omen reunited with producer 40 in the studio, this time asking him to bring Drake. Omen played Drake a song he had created for his own release, a track titled "Overdose On Life," and asked Drake to write to it. 30 minutes later, Drake had finished the "craziest 32 bar verse ever, and we laid it," says Omen.

Coincidentally, a few days after that, Omen got a call from an A&R at Aftermath Records, asking Omen for tracks for Dr Dre's upcoming "Detox" album. Omen told them about the very fitting "Overdose On Life," and sent it over.

Although "Overdose To Life" didn't make the cut for "Detox," Dre flew Drake and 40 out to the west coast off the strength of the track, where they remained for a couple of months working on music.

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Friday, 11 September 2009

Dre wants to work with Lady Gaga

Monster, Lady Gaga and Dr Dre were promoting another new line of earphones named 'Heartbeats'. During the session Dre mentioned (2nd video below) that he would like to work with Lady Gaga in the studio.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bishop Lamont give update on the 'Bigfoot'>Detox

Speaking of things that are being kept hush-hush… What’s the latest update with the Bigfoot album [Detox]?

Ha! He said the Bigfoot album! Dre just went to Vegas, he’s finishing off 50’s album getting that monster ready. Em is pretty much set to go again. They’re all in Vegas, getting fucked up and making great music. So yeah, that’s what’s up with the Bigfoot album (laughs)

I think I heard somewhere that over 2000 records have been recorded in the process of creating Detox

Shit, I think it’s even more than that really. I mean he has a vault of records that he’s been dibbling and dabbling with for about ten years now. So I can’t even imagine how many more he’s got in there. Imagine doing 75 records in two nights, just vibing and zoning. There aint no telling how many he’s got. I mean after 22 years he’s like, I’ve seen that, I’ve tasted that, I’ve ate that. So he’s really gotta come with something you’ve never seen before. He’s really gotta come come with something he’s never heard before conceptually and production-wise. That’s where the bar has been set. So it’s a serious thing to do. He has to go beyond himself to get to levels that he’s teeing in his mind. It’s rare that you can achieve what you see in your mind or even come close. So to come that correctly is an arduous task.

And I understand that this work ethic has even brushed off on you where you have created over 200 records for Detox.


But my question is… what’s going to happen with all this remaining material?

I couldn’t tell you man. It’s probably gonna sit in the vault or be used for something else. I never look back though. Once it’s done I keep looking forward. Either he cuts it or it makes the cut. It is what it is. My thing is about progression. My thing is about growth. If it aint about the future what is it?

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