Thursday, 21 February 2013

Juelz Santana: I'm Sure Dr Dre is Scared to Drop Detox

Dipset member Juelz Santana states that Dr. Dre may be “scared” of dropping ‘Detox’ after all of the hype and delays.

Dr. Dre’s ‘Detox’ album is one of those things that has gone so far off our radar in the past few years that it feels weird to even write about it these days. The project has been rumored for quite some time to say the least, and it appears that the chances of us ever getting it are slim to none.

What does Dr. Dre really have to prove anyway? That’s the whole point behind Juelz’ recent interview with DJ Vlad as he discusses Dr. Dre’s potential reasoning for not dropping the now infamous ‘Detox’ album.
“I’m sure he’s scared of dropping [Detox]” Juelz  Santana stated. He went to clarify his statement saying that Dr. Dre has “put a hard weight on his own shoulder” as he is “competing with greatness.”

With Nate Dogg passing away back in 2011, many fans believe that a ‘Detox’ album just wouldn’t be the same without Nate. Santana agrees, and states that Dre may feel the same way. “Dre gotta find an artist. He’s always had an artist that could come and take over. Without Nate he may feel like it can’t even get done”.

We have all come to learn through artist’s stories just how much of a perfectionist Dre can be, and Juelz confirms this as well. “When we went in the studio, he’ll have you in the booth for four hours doing your verse” he said.

For most fans out there, it really doesn’t matter if Dre drops ‘Detox’ or not at this point. Dr. Dre is solidified hip hop legend and will be with or without another album. Juelz gives his thoughts on this stating that Dr. Dre “will always be the man.”

“If you do not drop the Detox you are the man, you will always be the man”, he continued, “You did it, you did things people will never do”.

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